Canadian Funding Options for Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

Funding for wheelchair accessible vehicles varies across the country. In every province and territory, there are a number of groups who will provide financial aid if their requirements are met. The following groups are some of the sources who currently offer financial assistance to someone who is purchasing a wheelchair accessible minivan or equipment that will modify a minivan.

Please refer to the organizations’ websites or contact them directly for more information before making a purchase.


Ontario March of Dimes

The Ontario March of Dimes manages the provincial government’s Ministry of Community and Social Services “Home and Vehicle Modification Program” (HVMP). This program funds vehicle modifications through grants of up to $15,000 per decade. Applicants must be permanent Ontario residents who have disabilities that will significantly hinder their mobility for more than one year.

Easter Seal Society

In Ontario, individuals with disabilities who are 19 years old or younger and who are also registered with Easter Seals may receive financial aid from the Society. Easter Seals offers each client up to $3,000 in financial assistance per year to help with the purchase of a converted vehicle.

Veteran Affairs Canada

Veterans who have disabilities may be able to receive funding from Veteran Affairs Canada depending on their coverage and an assessment. Please call this government department for more information.

Kin Canada

Some Kin Canada clubs may provide funding for individuals who are buying wheelchair accessible vans. Please call your local club to determine if they can help.

Lions Clubs

Each chapter is different, but a local Lions Club may offer financial assistance to people purchasing a wheelchair accessible van.

Religious Organizations

Religious organizations may provide funding. Please discuss this possibility with someone who may be able to help at your place of worship.

Tax Programs

Federal Income Tax: Eligible Medical Expenses

Modified Vehicles: People with disabilities or dependents may claim a modified vehicle as a medical expense on the federal income tax. 20 per cent of the van’s purchase price may be claimed, up to a maximum of $5,000. The vehicle must have been previously or recently modified (within six months after it was purchased), and the amount claimed must not include the cost of modifying the vehicle.

Vehicle Modifications: Can also be claimed as long as the alterations were needed so that a person in a wheelchair could drive or be transported by the van. A prescription must be sent validating the claim.

Federal Excise Gasoline Tax Refund Program

People with permanent mobility challenges who are medically certified as being unable to use public transportation, are eligible to receive a refund on a portion of the federal excise tax on gas. The rate used to decide this refund is $0.015 per litre or $0.0015 per kilometre. The gasoline must be for personal use only.

GST/HST Specially Equipped Motor Vehicle Rebate

The GST or HST that was paid or is owed on the modifications of a converted van may be reimbursed. The application for this rebate must be submitted within four years after the tax was paid or became due. Those individuals who have leased their modified vans then opted to purchase them may also apply.

Manufacturers Programs

Honda Mobility Program

People with physical disabilities may be reimbursed up to $600 by Honda Canada for the purchase of qualified adaptive equipment in select vans. Please contact a Honda dealership for an application and more information about the program, as well as customer, equipment, and vehicle eligibility.

FCA Canada AutoAbility Program

Modifications to Dodge and Chrysler minivans are eligible for a rebate of up to $750 for the purchase of adaptive driving or passenger equipment installed. This reimbursement will not be reduced or affected in the event of obtaining external financial aid.

Volkswagen Mobility Access Program

Offers up to $1,000 back to customers with disabilities who purchase new adaptive equipment, such as wheelchair lifts and pedal extenders for new and unused models. Clients are required to complete application forms and send them to the company within 120 days of purchasing the vehicle. Please call Volkswagen’s Information Centre for more details about the program and whether the specific equipment and vehicle that you are interested in are eligible for financial assistance.

Toyota Mobility Program

Offers up to $1,000 in financial assistance to physically-challenged customers who acquire a new or eligible Toyota vehicle. This allowance is intended to fund the cost of installing mobility aids or adaptive driving equipment inside the vehicle. Applications for assistance can be requested from Toyota salespeople when the vehicle is delivered. Official documentation about the disability and proof that the modifications were completed are required or speak to your Savaria dealer.