Our experienced staff have been involved with wheelchair van conversions since its early days as an industry. We have developed proprietary designs that convert a standard minivan into an accessible vehicle.
The original (OEM) van is carefully stripped down and a new lowered steel floor is installed, providing the needed clearance and floor space for a mobility device such as a wheelchair or scooter. An easy to deploy ramp is also installed. The interior of the van is finished with non-slip flooring and a tethering system to secure the wheelchair or scooter for safe travel.
We convert minivans from Chrysler, Dodge and Toyota. A variety of seating and other options are available to accommodate your specific needs. For clients in the Montreal area, we also offer custom adaptation of vehicles including driving controls. Adaptation are also done by many savaria dealers including Silvercross Automotive .

Selecting The Right Model

Personal Van Conversions

If you are choosing a vehicle for personal needs, Savaria offers two styles of entry systems. A rear-entry van features a lowered floor and rear entry ramp for easy access. A side entry Savaria van provides access through the sliding side door and access ramp. 

Rear Entry Conversion | Dodge Grand Caravan

rear-entry van features a lowered floor and rear entry ramp for easy access. This style of vehicle is very popular for family use and are generally less costly than a side entry style van due to less structural changes to the original vehicle. 
Rear entry vehicles do not require special parking areas when compared to side entry vans. Rear entry vehicles allow the wheelchair user to easily board the vehicle without any turning required.

Rear Entry Van Conversion | Dodge Grand Caravan | Savaria

Side Entry Conversion | Dodge Grand Caravan | Savaria

Short Side Entry

Although side entry vans require appropriate parking for easy access, some people prefer this type of entry for safe curbside loading/unloading.  

Side Entry Conversion | Dodge Grand Caravan

Full Side Entry

side entry Savaria van provides access through the sliding side door and access ramp. Savaria offers a full floor side entry conversion, whereby the lowered floor extends into the front row.  This provides the option of positioning the wheelchair passenger in the front right seat position, or with additional adaptation, can accommodate a wheelchair driver.  A side entry full floor conversion can also be ordered with power options including a ramp that automatically folds and unfolds.

Short Side Entry Van Conversion | Savaria

Commercial Van Conversions

Savaria offers rear and side entry products suitable for commercial purposes including taxi use. Wheelchair vans for commercial purposes have special requirements that vary by local regulations. Savaria offers rear entry and side entry vans specifically to meet the needs of taxi and paratransit needs.

Rear Entry Conversion

rear entry, commercial-use Savaria conversion can be done for the Dodge Grand Caravan or the Toyota Sienna. Both vehicles are D409 and CMVSS compliant and successfully crash tested.  

Dodge Grand Caravan

Offered in full floor, or short floor option, ADA/D409 compliant, 56" entrance height, 32" wide ramp, 60" ramp, extra-long retractors available for easy securement outside the vehicle. 

Toyota Sienna

62" long floor by ultra wide 36", ADA/D409 compliant, 56" entrance height, configure for 4 to 5 ambulatory passengers + wheelchair position, extra-long retractors available for easy securement outside the vehicle.


Rear Entry Conversion | Dodge Grand Caravan | Savaria

Rear Entry Conversion | Toyota Sienna | Savaria

Side Entry Van Conversion | Dodge Grand Caravan | Savaria

Side Entry Conversion | Dodge Grand Caravan

The Savaria full floor side entry conversion offers excellent seating flexibility to carry up to 2 wheelchairs and 3 ambulatory passengers, or 6 ambulatory passengers. D409-2 certified and successfully crash tested, this Dodge Grand Caravan conversion is a popular choice for accessible transportation. Full, stainless steel floor conversion,  56" entrance height, 29.5" side ramp.

Used vs. New?

We can convert both brand new vehicles as well as used vans. If you already own a van that you would like to have converted, it will be important to have your vehicle thoroughly inspected by an authorized Savaria vehicle dealer to ensure that you current vehicle meets the required safety standards. Most clients work with their local dealer to purchase a new or late model used vehicle that is ideally suited for conversion. We work with our dealers to help them source the very best used vehicles for conversion.

Lead Times

We keep some vehicles in stock for immediate sale and your local dealer may have also in-stock Savaria vans. Please allow for delivery time, depending on your location. Shipping can take 2 to 10 days across Canada. A custom ordered vehicle conversion usually takes 2 to 4 weeks to complete. For more complex conversions such as a full floor side entry model, lead times may be longer.

Warranty Information

Your minivan will continue to carry the warranty provided by the original manufacturer. Your vehicle conversion is covered by a separate 3-year/60,000 km limited warranty.
Rear Entry Warranty Policy
Side Entry Warranty Policy
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